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Government Of Assam Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs Controller of Legal Metrology

Legal Provisions Pertaining to Weights & Measures and Pre-packed Commodities
  • Any weight or measure meant for use in any transaction or protection must be verified & stamped by the Legal Metrology Officer before putting into such use and shall be re-verified and stamped at periodical intervals.
  • Manufacture, Repairer or sell of any weight or measure without license is prohibited.
  • Use or keeping for use any weight or measure or use of any numeration other than the standards of weight or measure or the standard of numeration is prohibited.
  • Tampering or altering any weight or measure with a view to deceive any person is prohibited.
  • Manufacture or sale of any non-standard weight, measure is prohibited.
  • Transaction, deal or contract in contravention of the standards of weights and measures is prohibited.
  • Quoting or publishing, etc of non-standard units is prohibited.
  • Manufacturing or importing any weight or measure without approval of model and without license/registration is prohibited.
  • Manufacturing, packing, importing, selling, distributing, delivering or otherwise transferring, offering, exposing or possessing for sale of any pre-packaged commodity which does not conform to the declarations on the package as per rule is prohibited.
  • Manufacturing, packing, importing any pre-packaged commodity with error in net quantity is prohibited.
  • Importing any weight or measure without being registered is prohibited.